Happiness starts today

Happiness starts today

Let’s be clear: happiness is not self-evident. For the ultra-evolved Mensch we have become, survival is no longer enough. We search for purpose and passion, for value and respect, for meaning and for love. But in our pursuit, we often waste our efforts by looking for happiness in the wrong place.

For some it is the exciting new job, for others a good glass of wine

But one gets used to the novelty shop, and empty bottles are malign

Well, I’ll just be waiting for the promised happiness to finally be mine


What if you chose happiness

Happiness is a choice. Yeah, right. As if you choose to get fired. As if you asked for some idiot to drive into your parked car while you were grocery shopping after a long day at work. Or for your relationship to end after years of fighting for love. Or for having to say goodbye to people so dear to you. Or for getting sick. Or the experience of miscarrying.

No. The suffering in your life is not your choice. Though, what you do decide is how to deal with the pain, grief, and anger, however difficult that may be at times. Bearing in mind, being (and remaining) miserable is way easier than being happy. But no better. And if we’re talking lifetime here, certainly not sustainable.

“Pain and sorrow? I have had my piece. That is part of life as an endless learning process. It’s what makes you human. I embrace it but I don't want to linger for too long. There are so many dreams to fulfil and lessons to learn. Life still has a lot in store.”

- Yolanthe


Carpe diem: being happy here & now

When it comes to happiness, we tend to depend on the future. Once we get X, we will really be happy! But being happy is not an end goal. Happiness is a life goal. Hence, we could already be happy present day and there’s no need to wait for tomorrow. Why would we even postpone happiness if we have no idea what the future will bring us? The choice to be happy is made every single day.

“The future does not exist, basically. It will always remain future and never become present. That said, you can set goals, but you will have to take steps at this very moment.”

Another barrier to joyful, merry days is when our happiness is stuck somewhere in the past. The possibility of being happy is then linked to events for which we do not forgive ourselves, others nor the world. No matter how sincere the emotions, resentment and sorrow constitute Mount Everest on your path to true happiness. It takes courage to mount, but just imagine the view once you get to the top.

“The lessons you were given to live, both positive and negative, have formed you as a person. Let go of the past and witness the beauty of the woman you have become.”


You are gifted with happiness

You are a powerwoman to the core, you have always been. That said, shit happens. Events and situation in life can cause you to lose sight of your inner strength or lose yourself. Or perhaps you convinced yourself that happiness depended on the external environment and never consciously sought for your innermost power. Maybe you were told that you lacked powerwomanhood anyways.

“We crave for our ‘home’. It’s not a physical place: it is the power we hold within us. The moment we step into that power, we will be happiest.”

According to Yolanthe, it is about destroying blockages and overcoming fears. Sports and healthy lifestyle help her do this. That’s why, together with as many women as possible, she wants to become stronger, more confident and happier through sports, good nutrition, meditation and quality me-time.

“I nurture my body and she nurtures me back. I feel more comfortable than ever in my own skin and that’s a big part of my power.”

Discover your beauty and strength

Cabau is a voyage of discovery in search of a connection with your higher self. A journey to get to know (and forgive) yourself, admire your own beauty and start owning your worth. Becoming the very best version of yourself doesn’t mean that you have to change. You are beautiful just the way you are, but you must realize that to love truly yourself.

“Easier said than done. We women think a lot and often doubt – especially when it comes to ourselves. This includes me: there is always something to find fault with. But I learned to love what I didn’t like about myself, by sending love to those imperfections.”


Who are you, beautiful women?

Yolanthe founded Cabau Lifestyle driven by her passion to inspire and, together with all those wonderful women, make the world shine bright like a diamond. We will succeed if we help and motivate each other. When we share both positive energy and obstacles to learn from each other.

“Inspiring people in the world to do good and take action is something we achieve together. We must consider each other as family and love each other.”

We would love for you to tell us about your journey and the difficulties you have encountered as to understand how we can help you best. You might also have advice, tips and tricks to share with your fellow powerwomen in the Cabau community. Anyways, we can’t wait to get to know you and start this voyage together.


Lots of love,


Yolanthe & Team Cabau


“Stepping into my own power meant that I could set personal goals. But the best part is that loving myself enables me to love others better too.”

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  • Jennifer on Feb 06, 2021

    Heel mooi verwoord.
    Ik zie het als mijn missie vrouwen bewust te maken van hun vrouwelijke kracht, vrouwelijke energie, de krachtige vrouwelijke intuïtie en het omarmen van de sensualiteit.
    Vrouwen zijn prachtig, krachtig en magisch.
    There’s so much more than meets the eye..
    Er is niets wat we niet kunnen met onze kracht.
    So step into the light and shine loves.

    BLOOM, ik ben fan!

    Liefs Jennifer

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