YES, Let’s Do This!

YES, Let’s Do This!

With Cabau Lifestyle, my goal is to inspire women to be the best they can be and bring out their inner strength. Good mental and physical health, supported by a healthy lifestyle, provides the foundation for our inner power woman to flourish.

In fact, it is about the complete harmony between our body, soul and mind. Especially the latter is an interesting one and still wants to mess with us sometimes.

Fortunately, our mind is trainable. We can influence our thoughts to the point where we can make them work for us. Claudia is a professional mind coach. She is going to share her expertise and tools here, so that we as powerwomen can further unleash our unique strengths and potentials. Let’s bloom and shine together! 

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Hi there! I am mental coach Claudia and in this blog I help powerwomen to gain more control over their lives to achieve better results. Besides being a mental coach, I am an enthusiastic athlete with an elephantine love of tasty, healthy (and plenty of!) food.

"Thoughts determine your feelings, your feelings determine your behaviour and your behaviour determines your overall functioning" 

#2 YES, Let’s Do This!

Want to become stronger, both physically and mentally? Mental coaching helps you convert negative thoughts into positive thoughts and replace ineffective thinking patterns with productive thinking. This blog will cover a specific mental coaching method: Let’s Do This.


L          Love
E          Emotion
T          Trick: WIM
S          Slow down
D         Discover solutions
O         Only accept if..
T          Think
H         How to organize
I           Inner evolution
S          So much for now

Power psyche

A healthy and strong body encompasses more than muscles and radiant skin. Don't judge a book by its cover; what's inside your body is just as important. Your outside and inside are interconnected, they cooperate to protect and empower each other. Roman poet Juvenalis once wrote: mens sana in corpore sano. In other words (well, in English), ‘a healthy mind in a healthy body.’ This is where mental coaching comes into play.

Woolly or down to earth?

I can already hear you thinking. Yeah, this is gonna be woolly stuff with mystical pink and purple clouds of energy floating around my aura. Nope! Mental coaching is quite the opposite of woolly: it’s rational and down to earth. Let’s Do This is a great method that helps you improve the quality of both your personal life and your professional performance. Be proud of yourself, learn to cope with resistance and setbacks and above all… enjoy life to the fullest.

Awareness and personal growth

Let’s Do This consists of techniques that allow you to rewire your brain. How? By changing your thoughts. By thinking in solutions. By recognizing the connection between your senses, emotions, and your body, and using this connecting to become a better version of yourself. Think of mental coaching as the key to awareness; awareness is the door to personal growth. Okay, what steps lead you to that door?

Step by step

Feeling good starts with understanding the functioning of your system. Self-knowledge is the key that unlocks the door behind which happiness and growth have been patiently waiting to be embraced by you. The more self-knowledge you gain, the better you’ll learn how to recognize your own behaviour, impulses and reactions – the more you’ll be able to use your behaviour as an instrument for the sake of self-growth. On top of that, self-knowledge frees your mind and liberates hidden creativity with an astounding positive impact on both soul and body. My role as a mental coach is to support you on the journey to your inner self and help you listen, watch, learn and practice constructive self-talk on a daily basis.

  1. Think differently
  2. Solution-oriented
  3. Trust your gut
  4. Practice self-honesty

1. Learn to think differently

Can you phrase a certain situation or event differently? We use words to translate our thoughts into reality. In doing so, we create a reality. Note that this is "a" reality of the many potential realities you could possibly create. Consequently, you can create another reality by expressing a situation or event differently. A reality with no room for negativity, a reality that makes you feel happy. It’s not rocket science, it’s pure reason.

Who is WIM

WIM is not the iceman. WIM is a simple trick to help you distinguish between ineffective thoughts and reality. Whenever something bad happens, answer the following questions: What is the matter? Is it really that bad? Why should I bother myself? Spoiler: No matter how annoying, sad, or bad a situation might be, it’s not Armageddon. Ouf, that makes a big difference.

What’s the matter?

Is it really that bad?

Make no fuss!

Self talk

I know that everybody who reads this blog has talked to walls, plants, or their dog at some point in life so self talk is going to be quite easy. Self talk is basically brain training, the conditioning of braincells to create a positive self-image. It’s the power of positive affirmation, compliments, hope and courage. Some examples of positive self talk:

  • I can do this
  • Everything will be fine
  • I did a good job
  • I am proud of myself

2. Solution-oriented thinking

Solutions are often mistaken for goals, but those two concepts are fundamentally different. A goal is what you want to achieve or where you want to get, a solution is how you get there. A solution offers both hope for positive change and a path to positive change. Distinguishing best practices facilitates the process of solution-oriented thinking.

Best practices

Best practices are those solutions that worked well in the past. Ask yourself some questions: What can you do differently next time? Do you compete with someone else or do you choose your own happiness? Focus on triumphs instead of failures.

“Yes, but…”

Nope! No time for yes-butting in my mental coaching class! Talking about butts, if you want to tone your butt, check the app. Anyways, yes-butting is just like “ifs” and “maybes”. All these expressions have very little to do with the present moment. So, stop yes-but reasoning and avoid the impossible task of predicting the future or analysing other types of "pasts" that do not exist nor matter. Think in solutions, get over it and continue blooming happily ever after.

3. Trust your gut

Do you listen to your gut feeling? Do you stay true to yourself? Does it feel good when you make decisions? Are you happy with these decisions? Or do you allow yourself to be influenced by someone else? Your gut feeling is your whole, your personal common sense. Your gut often knows stuff before your brain even know it. Are you listening to this feeling? Or do you sometimes let yourself be influenced too much by what others say while this goes against your gut feeling and does not feel good? Ask yourself the following questions: 

  • What do I want?
  • Who am I?
  • Am I me? 

4. Practice self-honesty

Honesty is the best policy. But hey, being honest with yourself is easier said than done. Okay, take a look inside your head. Travel from your brain to your heart and back again. Whatever you encounter on along the way, it’s all you. Emotions, feelings, instincts, and a pretty impressive chunk of nerve cells; everything works together to take big and small decisions all day long. Do you stay true to yourself when it comes to making decisions at work or in private situations? Are you taking care of yourself? You know you’ve only got one body, right, and it has to last your whole life!

Why train self-honesty?

  • To improve your relationships
  • To strengthen your boundaries and avoid conflict with others
  • To look at yourself in the mirror and smile
  • To stimulate your social networks (the real-life ones) to be honest too
  • To foster personal growth
claudia coach

The power of repetition

Mental coaching is about repetition. Some of the steps mentioned above may feel unnatural at first, but if you apply these methods and techniques consistently you will develop a habit that helps you bloom for the rest of your life. Life is one big and beautiful puzzle. Over time, more and more pieces are added to the puzzle. Personal development and growth help you put the pieces together. Be unbiased and open yourself up to new processes. Draw lessons from resistance and setbacks for these provide you with opportunities to grow even stronger.

Lots of love,

Mental coach Claudia

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