The perfect December night-time routine

The perfect December night-time routine

December, the month of coziness and delicious food. Yet sometimes we forget the importance of taking a moment for ourselves. In this busy period, creating a nice evening routine is a gift to yourself, an investment in your mental wellbeing.

Slow down with meditation

Let go of the hectic for a moment and find peace in meditation. Meditation is a mini vacation for the mind, where you shut out the chaos and allow yourself to be in the moment. Close your eyes, breathe deeply in and out, let thoughts come and go like clouds drifting by. Regular meditation reduces stress and increases mental resilience. Especially in December, where stress sometimes runs high, meditation is a perfect addition to your routine. Do you find it difficult to meditate? Start with a guided meditation.

Treat your body

After a busy day, your body deserves some loving care. Take a warm bath with soothing oils or enjoy a soothing shower. Use skin care products with a pleasant fragrance to pamper your senses. Taking care of your body is not only good for your physical health, but it also provides a sense of luxury and self-esteem. Coat your legs with anti-cellulite cream or apply the cream to areas of your body where you have cellulite. A treat for your body!

As evening snack, have a bowl of low-fat quark with Flavour Powder. Flavour Powder turns your evening quark or yoghurt into your favorite late-night snack.

Cocoon of comfort

Under a soft blanket with a cup of Sleep Well Tea is a hug for your soul. The Sleep Well Tea contains magnesium, which relaxes the muscles, and melatonin, which gives you a sleepy relaxed feeling. Warm the candles, pillows on the couch, blanket over you. A warm place of coziness and comfort. For an evening snack, have a bowl of low-fat cottage cheese with flav powder. Flav powder turns your evening cottage cheese into your favorite late-night snack. With real pieces of chocolate, cookies and white chocolate. That's what you want!

Write down your thoughts

Keeping a journal can be a therapeutic outlet. Write about your highlights of the day, your gratitude and any worries you want to let go of. Putting your thoughts on paper helps you let go and process things better. With a nice cup of warm Collagen Chai Latte and your journal on the couch. Win-win situation. Your skin is cared for by the collagen, vitamin c and hyaluronic acid in the Collagen Chai Latte and your mind gets a retreat from writing.

Embrace the silence

In a world full of noise and constant stimuli, embracing silence is a luxury we should allow ourselves. Listen to soothing music, read a book or simply enjoy the silence around you. Silence offers a precious opportunity to hear and understand yourself.

December is a month of giving, but don't forget to give yourself something too: a moment of self-care. The perfect evening routine is an ode to your peace and balance. Take time to breathe, reflect and appreciate, and discover how these small rituals make a big difference in your mental health.

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