The ultimate guide to create your perfect beauty routine

The ultimate guide to create your perfect beauty routine

We, power women, deserve to have a beauty routine that allows us to continue to bloom and shine. In contrast to what many of us think, sticking to a beauty routine does not have to be expensive or time-consuming at all. How? We will tell you now.

Kick-off the day with a Collagen Booster

There is no better way to rise and shine than with a glass of Collagen Booster. You can mix the Collagen Powder easily with water for your daily Collagen Boost. Besides, it gives us an instant beauty boost after a good night sleep so that our skin, hair and nails can shine again. Making this a morning ritual results in healthier looks with resilient skin, glossy hair and healthy nails. 

Stay hydrated throughout the day

It probably would not surprise us but water is the cheapest beauty remedy. So, we do ourselves good to drink a sufficient amount of water every day. This helps to maintain the elasticity of our skin. By removing toxins from our body, it keeps our hair, nails and skin healthy. In times we catch ourselves not taking enough H2O, we do not need to panic. The Bloom Water Bottle helps us to take in our daily dose of aqua in style and in a fun way. Do we prefer to drink specifically cooled water or hot water? Then we can also opt for the Cabau Bloom Thermos bottle.

Take biotin hair vitamins during the lunch

Biotin, also called hair vitamin or vitamin B8, is a perfect complement to the Collagen Booster. While the latter provides structural support and elasticity, biotin nourishes and repairs our skin, hair & nails from the inside out. It does so by regulating sebum production and creating the protein keratin. Like other B vitamins, it is water-soluble. Therefore, it is best to take the hair vitamins with lunch. Recommendation: consume it together with a vitamin B-complex or a multivitamin complex because of the resulting synergy. A Cabau High Protein Meal, which is rich in 28 multivitamins and minerals, at lunch also forms a great combination with Biotin.

Four o'clock, fatburner boost

Around four o'clock, the afternoon dip hits us. Do not let it rule us, power women. Exercising for a little while, even if it is only 15 minutes, gives us an energy boost. This goes perfectly together with the fatburner, which contributes to your energy level. Not only that.. Exercising is also an effective anti-aging remedy! By exercising twice a week for two months, we can already see it reflected in a younger looking skin. How does it actually work? Through exercising, your cells start to contain more healthy mitochondria (also called the power plant of the cells). This, in turn, allows our skin cells to better absorb oxygen and nutrients. Good blood flow, in turn, contributes to a firmer skin. So, from now on, we can no longer make excuses for not exercising. Even a 15-minute workout does wonders. In the Cabau Lifestyle app, we find many short and effective workouts. After a good workout session, we need to not forget to indulge ourself with a tasty protein bar. It contributes to muscle recovery and gives us an energy boost.

End the day with a well-deserved facial massage

Pamper our face before we go off to dreamland with a night cream.. Yes please! This way, it helps to hydrate the skin and reduce fine lines & wrinkles. That is what we call a well-deserved me-moment. Not only does it make us completely zen, we also let it do its job in restoring our skin during our beauty sleep.

Your new beauty routine in a short list:

1. Start off your day with a glass of Collagen Booster
2. Keep drinking water all day long with the Bloom Water Bottle or Thermos Bottle
3. Take the Biotine Hair Vitamins during your lunch
4. Take the Fatburner around four o'clock in combination with a 15 minute workout and end this with a tasty protein bar
5. End your day with a facial massage

The first four tips will make us shine from the inside out, while the last one will work from the outside in. So with these tips, we have you covered, power women. What are we waiting for? A simple and effective beauty routine is within our reach, ladies!

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