Why we don’t benefit from wine, Netflix and comfort food

Why we don’t benefit from wine, Netflix and comfort food
Why we don’t benefit from wine, Netflix and comfort food

We all know it, those Friday nights we have been looking forward to all week. Our week full of zoom meetings, overloaded mailboxes and agenda items has finally come to an end. Now it is time to enjoy and indulge ourselves which we do with wine, a good Netflix show and comfort food, right? Uhhh reality check?! Although we might tell ourselves this is self care, it actually is not. Real self care is not about binge-watch nights and homemade cocktails, but about caring for yourself and your body.

Bye quick fix

Self care is not about satisfying your direct desires, but about taking care of your long-term happiness. The real moments of happiness are the ones in which we are one with ourselves, in which we feel fit and healthy from the inside out. In those moments, we are able to enjoy ourselves during quality time with family, a nice walk or a good conversation.

Spice up your food

Feeding your body with pure healthy products that contribute to your immune system, brain functioning, mental wellbeing and energy level are the best forms of self care you can give to your body. And this doesn’t even have to be boring. Colorful veggies and sweet fruits transform your meal into a healthy fancy bowl. And not to mention… a pure energy booster!

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Life is more than a Netflix subscription

OK. Binge-watching can be quite fun, but there is more in your life than a Netflix subscription. A yoga class gives you energy, a meditation moment boosts your mood and a nice evening walk calms your mind.

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 Dry January all year around

No panic! You don’t have to forever give up on your favo cocktail. However, you can choose a little more often for a funky mocktail, a sparkling water with mint and lemon or a chai tea instead. Cheers!

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In the end, self care is about loving yourself and your body and giving her what she needs. This goes beyond temporary comfort, heart chocolates and couch hangovers. Occasionally this is certainly what we can give ourselves, but it’s not what our body and mind really desire as it costs our body a lot of energy to recover from. Think of it as a choice you want to make once in a while and there is nothing wrong with that as long as you stay balanced. After all, life is all about balance. Alternatively, if you go completely for the other extreme, you can find yourself in the yoga studio with an herbal tea every Friday night from now on!

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