Of course, it's great to go to the gym and go crazy on the fitness machines or train with free weights. Walking miles on the treadmill, attending a group class, or squatting at the squat rack. But this is not all you can do ladies... there is so much more possible in and outside the gym. With our Cabau Sports equipment you can boost your workout! Do you want to know how you can do a full workout with just a few accessories? Read our tips below and start today!

Cabau Yoga Ball

Let's start with the Cabau Yoga ball, ideal for at home to train your abs. You can do up to 9 different exercises on the fitness ball while you are just at home in your living room. With these exercises you mostly train your abdomen, strength, balance, and stability. Another way to use the Cabau Yoga Ball is at the office. More and more often stability balls / fitness balls / yoga balls are used as an alternative to an office chair. The big advantage is in the way you sit on it. Besides the fact that you move more naturally and freely, you start moving and working out automatically. Laying back in your chair while working is therefore no longer an option. In short, you are constantly stimulated to adopt the correct posture with a straight back. Let’s jump over to the next accessory!

Cabau Jumping Rope

Nice little bridge, right? We are going to talk about the Cabau Jumping Rope next. Can you still imagine how you used to do this in the schoolyard for hours without getting tired? Now, years later, this accessory can help you with various cardio workouts. The easy thing about this skipping rope is that it can be used anywhere. It easily fits in your bag so whether you're at the office, home, vacation or at the gym... A workout with this jumping rope can be done anywhere, ladies.

Cabau Resistance Bands

It may be possible that jumping is not quite for you and that you would rather find another accessory that will turn you into a stronger power woman. With this product you can get through the winter days, because you can boost your workout at home with the Cabau Resistance Bands. The 100% natural latex fitness elastics come in different resistance levels, so you can set your own pace. Perfect for countless buttock and leg exercises that you can do at the gym, in the park or at home. With the storage bag, the resistance bands can be easily taken with you to your training location. From kickbacks to side shuffles, the booty band are the one for you!

Cabau Resistance Tubes

Power women beware! In addition to the resistance bands, we can now take our fitness, strength, and endurance to the next level with the Cabau Resistance Tubes. Unlike fitness machines, resistance tubes are meant to put constant tension on your muscles and activate more muscle groups.

Cabau Waist Trainer

We power women are always in for a nice sweat session. With the Cabau Waist Trainer, also called sweatband, waist trimmer or hot belt, you can start sweating around your waist which contributes to tighter belly. Wear it during your workout, work or leisure time. The resulting fluid loss will benefit a tighter belly and waist. In addition, the sweatband contributes to addressing cellulite. Start today to get your body ready for summer.

In short ladies, Cabau is ready to provide you with the best sports equipment. Whether you want to do exercises at home on top of the Cabau Yoga Mat, replace your office chair with the Cabau Yoga ball or jump into the gym with the Cabau Skipping Rope!