Benefits of collagen: things you should know about it

Benefits of collagen: things you should know about it

We, power women, often think of the collagen supplement as a wonder drug for keeping our skin, hair and nails intact and glowing. But what exactly does collagen do and how can we optimally thrive on its benefits?

First things first. What is collagen? It is a protein that is responsible for holding together tendons, bones, joints and tissues in our bodies and keeping them in place. As an essential component of connective tissue, collagen plays a vital role in maintaining the structure and elasticity of our hair, nails, bones, joints and tissues. Although it is true that our body produces collagen, our body's natural production of collagen reduces after our 25th birthday. After this age, the natural aging process in our body starts to show itself. Hence, it is important to slow down this process and complement our natural collagen production with collagen supplements.

Provides structure and firmness to our skin

This protein with adhesive properties ensures that the connective tissue remains strong and firm. This, in turn, increases skin firmness and smoothness. So, an extra portion of collagen in the form of a supplement contributes to this and can help us in our mission to combat wrinkles.

Ensures strong and shiny hair and nails

Collagen also contains building blocks that keep our nails strong and prevent cracks and breaks in them. In addition, this glue-like protein plays a supporting role in the creation and repair of hair follicles. In this way, collagen gives a boost in repairing damaged hair so that our beautiful locks get and keep the look they deserve. Moreover, collagen contains the amino acid glycine, which is responsible for shiny and healthy hair.

Promotes recovery after a workout

Great news to all sports fanatics.. Multiple scientific studies indicate that collagen both supports the increase of muscle mass and relieves muscle soreness. So, taking a Collagen Booster after a workout is not a bad idea.

Offers protection to blood vessels

Scientists see a correlation between the strength of blood vessels and the amount of collagen in them. This suggests that an additional dose of collagen can have a positive effect on strong and healthy blood vessels.

Improves digestion

Collagen contains amino acids that help maintain and repair the intestinal wall. It also contributes to healthy digestion. 

Strengthens bones

As an important component of our connective tissue, the glue-forming protein strengthens our bones and brings structure to them. As we age, our bones gradually become more brittle and take longer to recover. That is why it is important to have a supply of extra collagen to contribute to strong bones.

Boosts your self-confidence and appearance

All the above-mentioned things that collagen helps with, ultimately ensure that we feel better in our skin, and we can optimally shine from the inside out. This fresh and youthful appearance also gives our self-confidence a boost. Ultimately, we can continue to bloom optimally.

To conclude, we do ourselves well to take an extra portion of collagen, in the form of a supplement. In this way, we keep our collagen levels high which is needed for us to continue to flourish from the inside out!

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