Struggles of a power mum: this is how to survive them

Struggles of a power mum: this is how to survive them

For power mums, it is not always easy to have everything in control and find the balance between motherhood and career. That is totally okay! We have some tips that help super moms to deal with their daily struggles and to bloom to the fullest.

Schedule some me-time

Only when you are energetic and feeling comfortable in your own skin can you fully take care of the loved ones around you. So, it all starts with yourself. Take enough time for yourself and invest in me-time. For example, meditate in a relaxing environment and create a nice ambience with Cabau roomsprays and Cabau fragrance sticks. This way, you can completely unwind & feel zen and ready to move on.

Value every second

Make use of time efficiently. When you have put your kids to bed, you have more time for yourself. Try to make the most of that "golden" time. For example, plan ahead for the next few days. Keep it realistic and do not keep a schedule that is too strict, so that you can also cope with unexpected things and struggles.

Keep exercising power mums

Especially when you are so busy as a power mum, it is even more important that you do not skip your daily dose of exercise. We know it can be tricky to find a slot in your busy planning. That is why we have short but effective workouts in our Cabau app that are perfect for all super moms without them needing to give up their goals of staying fit and remaining in shape. Go power mums!

Keep the overview

Always keep the overall picture in mind and have clear for yourself what your overarching goals are. This way, you can put things better in perspective if they do not go as expected. By putting it down in words or visualizing in a notebook, it feels more real and tangible. This makes it also easier for you to cut into manageable pieces.

Lower the bar for yourself

Not everything has to be perfect and flawless. Try setting your expectations a little lower and you will see that things actually work themselves out. It might sound cliché but it is true: Go with the flow. When you do not hold on to it tightly, you will see that it actually comes with above expected results. 

Do not be afraid to ask for help

You cannot do it on your own and to be honest, you do not even want to. Especially when things become too much, do not hesitate to ask your closed ones to help out. Think of a neighbour who can take your children to school or your sister who can do the grocery shopping for you. Even if these are small things, they can help you to find more inner peace. You really do not have to do it all by yourself. 

With the above six tips, every power mum can overcome their daily struggles and continue to shine. You got this!

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