Christmas gift inspiration: your go-to guide

Christmas gift inspiration: your go-to guide

An experience as a gift

Do you want to give something else than material things this time? Then opt for an experience to give as a gift. There are plenty of options in this regard. How about, for example, a high tea or an overnight stay in a hotel? This gift is guaranteed to bring beautiful and unforgettable memories.

Cabau Home Collection

In these dark and cold winter days, there is extra reason to turn your home and office into a more cosy and atmospheric environment. Fragrance sticks and room sprays are therefore not to be missed here. The Cabau Home Collection consists of three unique fragrances: Harmony, Glow and Calm. Depending on which atmosphere and what vibes you want to create, we have something for everyone. Fun to get but also super fun to give!

Cabau Thermo Bottle

Especially in this cold weather, it is perfect to give something as a gift that keeps your loved ones warm. The Cabau Thermo bottle is perfect for this. Feel free to use the bottle also in the hot weather, since it can keep your water  perfectly cool. So, this gift is useful all around the year. It also has a sleek design. We bet the recipient of this gift will want to be seen with it everywhere.

A DIY gift

Tired of giving cliché gifts and do you want to give something you could never find in the shops? Then you should give a personalised piece of art as a gift. You can let all your creative juices flow. How about a flower arrangement of your own or a self-created photo collage with the most beautiful moments together? Go wild, power women!

A gift that encourages a healthy lifestyle

Health comes on top of everything else. So, what is more meaningful than giving something as a gift that contributes to the health or enhances a healthy lifestyle. Consider, for example, a fitness subscription or a 28-Day Weight Loss Pack. The latter will help you to both stay in shape and reboot yourself.

We wish you lots of Christmas shopping fun, power women!

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