Move your way through November

Move your way through November

Move your way through November

November cannot go by unnoticed, ladies. We need to celebrate it as this month is special in a variety of ways. With Thanksgiving falling in this month, you can already derive that gratitude and reflection are central. Also, this is your chance to still finish this current year strong with still more than a month remaining.

Reflect on this year's goals

Do not let the goals and resolutions that you set at the beginning of this year fade away in dust. No! See it as two months in which you still have ample opportunities and chances to make it happen. If you feel that you need to adjust your goals, please feel free to do so! It is absolutely fine to adjust them based on the pace, challenges and complexity of the situation. Break them into smaller pieces. That gives you a better overview and lets you judge more easily what is still attainable and what is not. Not to forget, chopping them in smaller slices makes them more doable.

Be grateful

The major part of the current year has passed. Some things make us jump for joy, while others give us a headache. With only two months left of this current year, there is no better thing to do than to recognize and appreciate these things you have been through. Yes! Also the ones you wished they did not happen. Be honest, they did bring you further and even with money you would have never been able to buy these lessons and learnings. Write all the things down which you were and still are grateful for this year in your Bloombook. In this way, you will attract more things to be grateful for. The remaining months will be fully filled with all the good things you are attracting to you through both your mind and writings.

Show gratitude to your loved ones

Not only should we be grateful for the things around us but also the people that share with us their sparkle. You can express your gratitude towards them in many ways. A hand-written letter, a homecooked dinner or a well-thought gift.. these are just a few out of the many examples. Take a moment and remind yourself of how lucky you are with your loved ones that keep inspiring and supporting you, under any circumstances.

Meditate at Beaver Moon

Something we definitely do not want to miss in November is the full moon that comes together with a lunar eclipse. This is called Beaver Moon, also named Frost Moon and Mourning Moon, which is derived from the fact that beavers build their winter dams in this month of the year. The beavers' ability to prepare for the winter is a symbol for our strength to be in the driver's seat of our own life and reflects the moments of giving & sharing the efforts we have made so far this year. So do not miss on meditating in November to connect with the Beaver moon. Use it as a way to harvest and reflect on everything you have seed so far. Gratitude is central to this. Find inner peace and happiness. At the same time, prepare yourself mentally for the winter as a period of warmth and light in the middle of the darkest and coldest days.

Keep shining and blooming in November and finish 2021 strong, power women!

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