This is how you recognize your inner power woman

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This is how you recognize your inner power woman

Mirror, mirror on the wall…. We should look more often into the eyes of the power woman in the mirror and give her compliments. Because of the hectic of everyday life we do not always realise that we perform miracles on a daily basis. So here is an extra reminder: You are the power woman! Are you not convinced (enough)? In fact, there are a few concrete signals you give off that actually show the outside world your invisible powerful wings.

You are perfectly imperfect

Nobody is perfect and believe us, you do not want to be like that. The inner strength we as power women possess is to embrace our imperfections and counterbalance them with our strengths. The impact you make this way is greater than you think. This acts as inspiration to other power women as well.

You truly believe that the sky is the limit

The power woman in you sees and fears no limits. You firmly believe that everything can be made. If we use motivation, focus and perseverance wisely, anything can be achieved.

You understand that setbacks are needed to grow

The power woman in you does not believe in the myth of a straight line to success. Rather it is the squiggly line with ups and downs that is key to success. Although the setbacks and uncertainties are not always easy to accept, we always get through them eventually. The scars make us strong, literally and figuratively.

You appreciate help from others

The power woman in you knows that she cannot do everything on her own. She believes in the power of her inner circle and her wider network. She is then also not afraid to seek support, although it may require a little more courage from her from time to time. With your experience, stories and motivation, you, in turn, try to inspire other people. Even if you perceive them as small and straightforward things, you realise that they can have a big impact on the people around you. 

You are always in for a moment of (day)dreaming

A glass of Sleep Well will make sure you can dream even deeper and sleep like sleeping beauty. You know what they say... dream big and make your dreams come true! We cannot agree more. When you are (day)dreaming, your brain is busy to let your creative juices flow and this can give you creative ideas that will take you further. Jot them down in your Cabau Bloom Book before you forget them. In addition, while you are dreaming you imagine all sorts of things without any boundaries, including the things you want to attain or work towards. Because it is in your mind, you will unconsciously attract and act upon them. So from now on, do not listen to people who say it is a waste of time.

So power woman, remind yourself every single day how wonderful you are! Do not forget to smile regularly to the beautiful inner flame in the mirror.

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