Staying fit during the holidays

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Staying fit during the holidays | Cabau Lifestyle

The festive season has something magical that gets all power women in their element. It is the period of spending time with our loved ones and looking back on the successes we have achieved the past year. Good food and feasting are of course not to be missed. In fact, we should be able to do this to the fullest, without being held back by a guilt feeling of eating too much. With the following tips & tricks, we can stay fit without restricting ourselves to festive food and continuously bloom during the holiday season!

It is all about balance

If you have planned a delicious Christmas dinner in the evening, then make sure you balance this out with other meals of the day. So make sure that you take smaller portions of your breakfast and lunch. Each day we need a certain amount of calories to get us through the day. How the calorie intake is spread throughout the day does not matter. It is the total intake in a day that is decisive.

Kickstart your day with a morning workout

You know what they say, ladies.. A workout a day, keeps the doctor away. Not only will a workout in the morning enable you to start your day with a fresh clean sheet (something every power woman deserves), your metabolism will also be given a boost. This, in turn, provides you an extra push in the right direction in terms of burning calories from the turkey you will nibble on in the evening.

Take the time to enjoy

If the table is richly filled with all kinds of delicacies, it is tempting to try each and everything in one go. However, the trick is to take it slowly and enjoy the atmosphere & everyone around you. No need to rush, you got all the time in the world. If you chew your food well, it will be better digested. Scientific research even suggests that good chewing lets your body absorb fewer calories. In this way, it could boost weight loss.

Make a plan and write it down

The great thing about cozy Christmas dinners and gatherings is that they are usually planned way beforehand. So you do yourself a favour by anticipating on this and adjust the intake of food during the rest of the day accordingly. Write your intentions down in the Cabau Bloombook. It can help you to better commit to your plan.

Indulge yourself with high-protein meals

Setting restrictions on our food intake is not something we love to do in this period of time, especially when the roasted beef and Christmas pudding are screaming our names. To still get a grip on it, we can embrace a small morning habit: rise and shine with a high-protein meal. For many of us, the appetite in the morning is nowhere to be found. The Cabau High Protein Meal is then ideal to kick start your day since it is easy to drink away. With a unique combination of essential nutrients, it serves as a healthy foundation of the day. It makes you feel satiated in such a way that your food cravings are less for the rest of the day. This makes it an easier exercise for you to walk away from your plate when you are full.

Keep on drinking

We do not need to tell you, power women, that it is essential to drink enough water. Especially during the festive holiday, it does not hurt to keep ourselves extra hydrated. Drinking water makes us feel fuller so that we will less likely reach for grandma's tasty snacks. It can boost the metabolism as well. You know what to do, ladies! The Cabau Bloom Bottle makes drinking water even more enjoyable.

With these tips and tricks in your pocket, every power woman can enjoy the holiday season guilt free! That is because we are born to bloom and to make the best out of our amazing journey.

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