How meditation helps children

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How meditation helps children

In recent years people have discovered the positive effects of meditation. But few parents teach their children how to meditate, while it benefits kids in many ways. Maybe because it seems like an impossible task to have your 5-year-old son or daughter sit still for even one minute if they are destroying the room while watching his/her favourite show? Besides, why would children need meditation at all?

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Flying shoes

It’s 8.12 AM. Exactly 18 minutes left to drop your child at school and speed on to work. “Pumpkin, put your shoes on, mommy will be right there!” You find yourself groaning and moaning in a desperate attempt to manoeuvre a banana next to some sandwiches in the lunch box. Your murmurings are bringing echoes from the hallway. After some sort of animalistic yowl, a rocket-shoe is launched from the hallway, followed by a red-headed whining child that dramatically throws itself to the ground in front of your feet.

“Meditation provides children with a toolbox with all kinds of gadgets that help them process daily stimuli and emotions.”

Boiling mums

You are very much aware that you’re the adult in the room. You know that you are supposed to control stress reactions – certainly not project your frustrations onto your child. That's why you keep comments about the fresh-off-the-press lace-tie diploma to yourself, but still… the lunch box slips from your hands, landing on the counter with a loud bang. “Get up, we're both going to be late!” Obviously, both you and your child need another set of coping mechanisms.

Meditation with children

Just like mental coaching, meditation stimulates awareness and fosters a connection with your inner self. This connection is very important for children, because they have a lot of newness to handle during their young lives. In the classroom, in the schoolyard, during sports or music lessons, doing homework, playing with friends, gaming or while learning for a test – children are constantly exposed to stimuli. Meditation provides children with a toolbox with all kinds of gadgets that help them process daily stimuli and emotions.

How meditation helps children grow

In recent years there has been more and more scientific research into the effects of meditation on our young darlings. One study found that meditation is a natural way for children to adapt to stressful situations physically and mentally and to focus on what is really important. Research specialized in children with ADHD found that children who meditate at least three times a week sleep better and show less behavioural problems. Below we list the general positive effects of meditation for children.

Children sleep better

Parents who meditate with children often do so before going to sleep. This has two advantages: 1. children sleep better and 2. children are more willing to meditate because every opportunity not to go to sleep is a good one.

Children have more mental focus

Meditation improves kids’ concentration. After all, while meditating, the kids learn to focus on their own breathing and deeply experience their own senses. This concentration skill always comes in handy in life, whether it be school, work, or personal life.

Children become more imaginative

Research shows that 10 minutes of meditation is enough to increase creativity. Meditation stimulates out of the box thinking and lays the foundation for more innovative solutions. Narrative meditation and visualization enhance this effect.

Children gain more self-confidence

While meditating, children focus their attention on themselves rather than on the external world. This increases self-confidence and makes the kids less sensitive to influences and events from the outside world. Hence, kids learn to trust their gut feeling.

Children will be stronger in life

Meditation helps children to establish a deep and important connection with their higher selves. They get to know their body and emotions, learn to reflect, and are taught to live in the moment. All these skills help children to be resilient in life.

Do meditation and children really go together?

Yes! But when we adults impose our own idea of meditation on children, it’s quite a tough road to walk. Of course, you can't expect a 4-year-old jump-in-the-field to sit still for 30 minutes for a moment of awareness. Honestly, even adults find that a challenging task. Therefore, start with small steps and let children discover their own best practices. Eyes open or closed, 20 seconds or 2 minutes; length can be expanded as you go. And don't forget that as a mum, you are the example. If you frequently meditate in front of your child, they will become more and more accustomed to the peace and tranquillity.

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