New Year resolutions: This is how we can keep them

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We, power women, want to start the new year with a bang! We do this by making resolutions and working towards achieving them. Unfortunately, all too often we catch ourselves not keeping to them. Been there, done that.. For us, this has become a past tense. We have come up with a number of tips and tricks that make keeping our resolutions an easy job. Of course, we like to share these with our fellow power women. Read along.

Let the world know
Do not keep your resolutions to yourself. No, share them with the people around you. Once you have communicated your intentions and goals to the outside world, you will have a stronger sense of commitment. So feel free to tag us on Instagram in your story or feed post about your resolutions and intentions for this year. This way, you will also feel that you are closer to your goals which, in turn, gives you extra motivation to achieve them.

Reward yourself after achieving each milestone
We are ambitious power women. So it makes total sense to set challenging resolutions and goals. It is important to set milestones, especially when resolutions are not immediately achievable and when more time is needed to attain them. By achieving milestones and celebrating them, you keep your motivation levels high and you will feel more confident in achieving your goals. Pamper yourself with, for example, a nice glass of wine in bath or treat yourself to a Cabau Lifestyle sports outfit.

Try to get fun out of it
As mentioned earlier, certain resolutions take time to be fulfilled. We cannot expect it to happen overnight. To work towards it with full dedication and motivation throughout the whole journey, it is important that you have fun along the way. Take, for example, the intention to get back in shape after all the festive meals during the Christmas holidays. We from Cabau Lifestyle have made it a 5-day Super Food Detox challenge. This way, it becomes more of a game that you can participate in with other amazing power women around you. Let fun drive you in committing to it more consistently.

Break it down into pieces
When setting the aforementioned milestones, it is very useful to treat a goal as something that consists of smaller parts. This way, you make it more manageable for yourself. You can write them all down in your Bloombook. This, in turn, enables you to check them off one by one, while giving yourself a sense of accomplishment.

Make it visual
Visualisation is half the battle. Try to sketch the final destination with images. You can do this by drawing or by creating a vision board. Make it as creative as you want. This way, you will bring the end destination of your intention to life and attract it more to you.

Keeping good resolutions will become a talent that is right up your alley with these tips in your pocket. Happy 2022, ladies. Let’s make it happen!

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