This is how you get rid of your cellulite

This is how you get rid of your cellulite

Cellulite is not a girl's best friend! In fact, it often gets in the way of our self-confidence. This is something that should stop from happening. All power women deserve to fully bloom without being held back by feelings of insecurity about their appearance.

In a previous article you have read some tricks on how we can enjoy a cellulite-free summer. The next question, though, is how we keep this up structurally, so that we can extend this to the other three seasons as well?

This article provides an answer to this, by indicating how we can structurally pursue the implementation of the shared tips. 

Organise a ladies night

Schedule a nice evening with your girlfriends on a recurring basis in which you pamper each other on a massage treatment using the Cabau Anti-Cellulite Box.

This way, you can help each other with the cupping massage, where you apply the Cabau Cellulite Cream on the cellulite using the Cabau Cellulite Cups. Scheduling the cupping massage regularly helps to ensure that you make a habit out of the cupping for cellulite.

By organising a complete date night around it with wine and movie, you are definitely making it much more fun and enjoyable. 

Choose your sports buddy

Never stop moving! Exercising keeps our blood circulation going which, in turn, ensures that our fat cells and tissues receive sufficient oxygen and nutrients. Accumulations of fat and toxins in the cells will then happen less frequently.

Do you catch yourself skipping a workout session often enough? Then finding a sports buddy will do you a lot of good. Do you have a sporty colleague or know a neighbor who could also use a little more exercise? Pull her along with you. You can appoint each other as sports buddies.

Plan exercise time regularly with your buddy, such as a Saturday morning run or a Tuesday evening cardio session! See how this brings shape to your exercising routine. Do not forget to take a cold shower afterwards to further boost the blood circulation.

Always keep a bottle of water close to you

By keeping ourselves hydrated, we slowly wave the cellulite goodbye. Our body will then be able to get rid of all toxins and radicals, instead of them being accumulated in our fat cells.

How can we, as busy bees, still make sure that we keep drinking enough water? This is simple! By keeping a filled Cabau Bloom Water Bottle close to you wherever you are, you will never forget to take in enough H2O.

Take a radical move to a healthy diet

When we go for nutritious food that makes our body strong and healthy, our body processes are also better able to do what they are supposed to do. This includes getting rid of free radicals and fat that would otherwise be accumulated in our cells.

Unfortunately, eating healthy is sometimes easier said than done. So to overcome this, it is necessary to radically change course from time to time. Think, for example, of cleaning up your pantry and refrigerator. All packed and canned food and processed sugar bombs are all asking to be thrown in the garbage can. You must replace them with fresh and healthy products and ingredients.

The step towards healthy cooking is made more easier by consulting a cookbook with healthy cooking ideas or getting inspiration from clean eating recipes in the Cabau app.

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