Best tips to get cellulite-free skin this summer

Best tips to get cellulite-free skin this summer

We love the summer. Walking around comfortably in summer clothes and swimwear without any concern of what other people might think of us. Yes please! Unfortunately, many of us are held back by feelings of insecurity about their body.

For example, doubts about our body not being summer ready or the visible dimples on our legs and buttocks. They are doubts we should not have, since per definition all power women deserve to shine with full confidence. In a previous article, we gave some tips to increase body confidence in the summer.

This time we are going to talk about how we can experience a cellulite-free summer and, in turn, further boost our summer body confidence.

Avoid alcohol, refined sugars, and nicotine

Cellulite occurs as fatty deposits of adipose tissue, fluid and toxins on legs and buttocks. This is mainly because of deregulated blood- and lymphatic circulation. When there is an excess of toxins, our body does not manage to get rid of them timely. The result is an accumulation of toxins in our fat cells. So, we need to stop the influx of free radicals into our body. This means avoiding alcohol, refined sugars, and nicotine, which our body sees as toxins.

Eat yourself free of cellulite

It is not only about avoiding certain toxins in our lives, but also increasing the intake of certain nutrients is very important. In general, a healthy diet with plenty of fruits and vegetables contributes to a firm and glowing skin which makes cellulite less visible. In addition, there are also specific nutrients and products that enhance the removal of fat and toxic waste behind our body's fat cells. Examples of the former are spinach, mushrooms, asparagus, and bananas. In terms of nutrients, you can think of vitamin A, C and E. In this light, a daily glass of Cabau Greens with vitamin A, C and other essential nutrients can do wonders.

Stay hydrated

We do not have to tell you to drink enough water, power women. But what you probably do not know is that this is also good in the fight against cellulite. Water helps us to get rid of toxins and waste in our fat cells. So, now there is an additional reason to refill our Cabau Water Bottle more often. To add some variation, you can also opt for green tea. This contains antioxidants that help drive away even more free radicals and moist from our body.

Massage your skin with cellulite cream

It is not a magic bullet, but it comes close to it if you ask us. By massaging the Cabau Cellulite Cream into the cellulite spots daily or every other day for 2 to 5 minutes, it can help to reduce fat deposits and drain excess moist. You can best apply the cream to your body using Cabau Cellulite Cups. Before applying the cream using the cups, the trick is to first massage the affected area of your skin with Cabau Cupping Oil. After this, the cups will glide over your skin more smoothly, which makes it more optimal for you to apply the cellulite cream.

Keep moving

Poor blood circulation is at the root of getting cellulite. If the blood circulation is not optimal, then tissues and cells do not get enough nutrients and oxygen. At the same time, this also implies that too much toxic waste and moisture will remain in these cells. So, keep moving and exercising, power women. Doing five times per week a 20-minute workout session should gradually show the difference.

By following these five tips, your cellulite would gradually go away. Keep blooming this summer, power women!

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