4 nutrition tips for a fit summer body

4 nutrition tips for a fit summer body

With summer being really around the corner, many power women are currently fanatically working towards a summer body. A body that is a few winter kilos lighter and makes us feel more in our element.. Yes, please! In a previous blog, we had already shared several tips on how to best prepare for the summer, including working towards a summer body.

On the latter, there was specifically a lot of interest from our readers. That is why this article elaborates on this and particularly how we can get in shape for the summer with eating the right food. 

1: Embrace high-fiber food

High-fiber food makes us feel satiated for a long time so that we will less likely reach for unhealthy snacks. This allows us to better control and reduce our calorie intake. Luckily, we have a lot of choice when it comes to high-fiber food. Examples are vegetables, fruit, grain products, nuts, and legumes. Our High Protein Meal could not be missed from this list of course.

2: Eat from nature as much as possible 

Because of the convenience it brings, the tendency for our busy bees to reach for packaged food is strong. No matter how strong this temptation is, always stay close to mother nature. Say “no” to refined sugars and highly processed products. Eat as much fresh and seasonal products as possible.

After all, you are what you eat. ​​We are lucky that spring and summer have many delicious seasonal products in store for us. Think about soft fruits, such as yummy raspberries and strawberries. As for vegetables, we can vary endlessly with cauliflower, fennel, zucchini, and rhubarb. The best is to subsequently enjoy our great meal in the sunshine.

3: Let supplements give you a helping hand

Supplements can help us towards a summer body, this of course in combination with a responsible lifestyle and enough exercising. Take, for example, a Fatburner. It could give you a good energy boost so that you have more energy and motivation to get the best out of your workout (and burn more calories!).

In addition, it supports your metabolism. This enhances fat burning and vice versa. You can also choose the Fatburner Capsules that have the same effect. The additional benefits are that they are caffeine-free (perfect to take in the evening) and ready to take without having to mix it with water first.

We can take this to a next level by opting for a Bikini Body Pack. As the name suggests, this formula is designed to help power women maximize their physical activity and eat healthy to build hard abs and lose weight.

4: Try to eat more often during the day, in smaller portions

In the winter, we often tend to eat more to keep our body temperature up. As the weather is more pleasant in spring and summer times, we also feel less the need to eat to keep ourselves warm. This also means that we would more easily go for 6 smaller meals spread throughout the day, instead of 3 big meals. This way, we keep our digestion active and send a signal to our body that there is a sufficient and regular supply of food. Our body will then not go into emergency mode to store the food as reserve energy (in the form of body fat).

Our metabolism will, in turn, continue to function optimally so that we burn more calories as a result. The good news is that this happens not only when we are in active mode (e.g. during exercising) but also when we are at rest (e.g. sitting and sleeping). Get inspired by our article about seven delicious summer snacks and skinny meals. Putting light meals and bites on the table has never been so much fun and easy! 

Experience the power of nutrition and how it can help us on our way to a glowing summer body with these four tips. We got this, power women!

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