5 best summer body workouts

5 best summer body workouts

The more summer is screaming for us, the more we dream about a summer body. Feeling more comfortable and in our element without all the winter weight gain and enjoying the sun on the beach with a fitter body. We can turn this dream into reality because the following exercises help us to work towards a summer body in no time. Do not forget that it is also important to follow a healthy eating pattern.

1: Jumping rope

What we loved doing as young girls turns out to be an effective workout. Both to burn calories and build muscles. In fact, by jumping rope, you move your whole body and all the muscles come into action. So, we know what is waiting for us: Make our jump rope your best friend and get jumping. We will literally be jumping away the calories.

2: Running

We at Cabau Lifestyle love running. That is not without a reason. With running, our heart rate goes up and we are constantly in motion. Not only does it burn a lot of calories, but it also serves as a great way to put our minds at rest and allows us to just put our running shoes on and run, without caring where we need to go. The trick is to take a fatburner before we start our run. Then it will give a boost to our fat burning activity.

3: HIIT-training circuit

This sounds very fancy but what is it exactly? HITT training circuit is a combination of cardio exercises that we do one after the other in high intensity with a short break in between. We repeat this usually three times. The exercises can vary from high knee run to jumping jacks and from mountain climbers to speed skaters. The diversity of exercises ensures that as many muscle groups as possible are addressed and you can keep your heart rate continuously high.

4: Strength training with own body weight

The above-mentioned cardio exercises are best to be combined with strength training. This way, we not only burn calories, but we also build muscle mass. The more muscles we have, the more fat we burn. In addition, muscle mass makes our body look tighter and fitter, which goes hand in hand with our summer body goals. Our body weight is all we need. The usage of expensive sports equipment is redundant.

Nonetheless, sports accessories to increase the difficulty level of resistance training can come in handy. Head over to the Cabau Lifestyle app where you will find a lot of strength training exercises. We only need ourselves and possibly some sports gadgets. Take, for example, squatting. We can make it more challenging for ourselves by working with resistance bands. Another example is glute bridge pulse, where we can use a waist trainer as an option.

5: Meditating

The magic word is balance. Our body, soul and mind need to be in balance so that we can continue to bloom optimally and achieve our goals full of energy and motivation. So, we do ourselves a lot of good to start each day with a meditation session. It allows us to both maintain that balance and set our intentions for the rest of the day. This, in turn, lets us keep more focus and we are then more likely to achieve our goals, including our summer body goals.

Whether we are beginners of meditation or we are already embracing the mediation techniques as no other, on our Cabau Lifestyle app we have meditation classes at every level under the guidance of Yo.

With these five workout tips in our pocket, we can effectively work towards a summer body. Step by step and in combination with a healthy eating pattern. Hello summer and hello summer body!

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