Things you didn't know you can do with the Cabau Fatburner

Things you didn't know you can do with the Cabau Fatburner

Many power women use the Cabau Lifestyle Fatburner as part of their happy and healthy lifestyle. Fatburner in powder form or in capsule form, both are possible. We mix the former with water, while we take the latter with water. But do you know that there are many variations possible with the fatburner? It is perfect for power women who love to vary and are creative.

Fatburner Pancakes

Good news for the pancake lovers among us! After you have tried this delicious recipe, you won't want anything else. You make it in the same way as the Greens Pancakes. You simply add an extra scoop of fatburner. Ideal for breakfast to get an energy boost that lasts the whole day! It also keeps your motivation and energy level high, so that it gets you through your workout session. The Fatburner Pancakes are also very suitable as a pre-workout snack. This way, you still have something to snack on before you start an intensive workout. 

Fatburner Summer Smoothie

Are you more into delicious smoothies? Especially as we approach the warmer days, they are really great for refreshment and cooling down purposes. You prepare this Fatburner Summer Smoothie in the same way as the Orange Collagen Smoothie. The only extra step is to add a scoop of Fatburner. Finish it off with some extra sliced fruit. It is truly a beauty drink if you ask us. It not only makes our skin, hair, and nails shine, but also helps us towards a fitter body. The latter is of course if we also exercise enough and keep to a healthy eating pattern.

Fatburner Smoothie Bowl

Do you want something in between and have a combination of both liquid and solid? Then you do not want to miss out on this Fatburner Smoothie Bowl. It is easy to make, and you will feel the effect throughout the day. Say “hello” to high motivation and energy levels. 1 banana, 1 teaspoon of nut butter, 1 scoop of Cabau Vegan Protein Vanilla, a dash of milk and a scoop of Fatburner are all you need. Put them all together in a blender and mix them in such a way that you still see the banana pieces. You can also add nuts and oat flakes for some more bite!

Fatburner Tea

It is always a good time for tea! This Fatburner Tea provides an uplift in your energy level and keeps you sharp across the day. You will be driven to be in full motion all day and that means burning calories. Simply mix 250 ml of water with one scoop of fat burner. Then add some ginger, a sprig of thyme and a slice of lemon to finish it off. Enjoy!

Sleeping Beauty's Favorite Duo

We, power women, deserve a good beauty sleep so that we can bloom again the next day. A glass of Sleep Well improves our sleep function and serves as a lullaby. To make it complete, you can take this with a Fatburner Capsule. This stimulates fat burning, while you are asleep. The nice thing is that the Fatburner Capsule is caffeine free. So, it will not disrupt our beauty sleep.

Now you know many variations with our beloved Fatburner. Enjoy!

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  • Samantha on Feb 15, 2023

    Hi. Hoe lang kun je dit veilig achter elkaar gebruiken? Ik heb de poedervorm en vind het echt super lekker! Merk ook echt dat ik er energie van krijg.
    Kan het ook de hormoonhuishouding verstoren?

    Groet Samantha

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