Why resistance bands?

Resistance bands, what are they? Who are resistance bands intended for? Why are resistance bands good? And how do you use them? We did our research and are here to tell you how you can get the most out of your Cabau resistance bands!

What are resistance bands?

Resistance bands are a useful tool for any power woman. You can use them as an aid to make an exercise lighter or when you no longer have a challenge with bodyweight exercises and want to make the exercise heavier. But what exactly are resistance bands?

The simple answer is: elastic bands. Cabau resistance bands are elastic bands with different levels of resistance. The resistance bands have almost the same length, but the resistance level is determined by the thickness of the band. Because the X-heavy is a lot thicker, the resistance level gets higher. This gives you a resistance level of 11.34 kg. The X-light offers the lightest resistance, 2.27 kg.

By using resistance bands you can make exercises lighter or heavier. You can use the resistance to move along with your movements instead of against it. This way, a resistance band can help you make an exercise easier!

Are there any other advantages when training with resistance bands? Yes, there are! You can also use them to improve your condition, flexibility, stability exercises and if you are recovering from injuries. 

The Cabau resistance bands are available in five different resistance levels and are made of 100% natural latex. This makes them durable, very stretchy and suitable for an infinite number of strength exercises. Finished with your workout? Then you can easily store them in the included storage bag.

Resistance levels

  • X-Light - 2.27 kg

  • Light - 4.54 kg

  • Medium - 6.80 kg
  • Heavy - 9.07 kg
  • X-Heavy - 11.34 kg

For whom are resistance bands intended?

For the power woman who likes to have some extra support during an exercise from the Cabau App, for the power woman who is looking for more of a challenge than just bodyweight, or for the power woman who wants to quickly remedy from her injuries. In short, the Cabau resistance bands are suitable for every power woman!

The power woman who is experienced in sports and is looking for more of a challenge can use the heaviest resistance band. Did you just start working-out? Start with the X-light. Gradually you will notice that you are making progress and you will train yourself so fit that the X-heavy offers the right challenge. Need even a bigger challenge? Adjust the exercises so that it remains a challenge and you keep stimulating your muscles.

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Why are resistance bands good?

Let's start with the most obvious reason why working out with resistance bands is good for you; you can use them at home and don't necessarily have to go to the gym. In our Cabau App you can find several work-out videos with the resistance bands.

Next reason, you can get a set of Cabau resistance bands for the amount of €12.95. With a set of resistance bands you can go on for a while and, in combination with the Cabau App, it is also a lot cheaper than going to the gym.

Resistance bands can ensure that you can easily make an exercise, such as the squat, heavier. By increasing the weight of the exercise, you can give your muscles extra stimulation. And let those extra stimuli may result into possibly building more muscle mass.

Another good reason: resistance bands ensure that there is always tension on your muscles. This tension allows you to train more effectively. In addition to making the exercise lighter or heavier, it can also exert tension to your muscles.

We have one more good reason why the Cabau resistance bands should not be missing from your collection of sports accessories: they can be easily taken with you. Each set comes with a stylish storage bag. This way, you can easily take your resistance bands with you when you go to the park, to a friend's house or just to the gym! Isn't that convenient?

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How to use the resistance bands?

You can find many exercises on the Internet that you can do with your resistance bands. We have made your search a little easier by adding complete work-outs with a resistance band to our Cabau App. This saves you some time searching and you will not find the personal coach that we offer, namely our Yolanthe!

With Yolanthe as your coach, you can work on your leg and buttocks with the work-out 'Booty Bands'. Have you finished this 10-minute workout and still feel like going flat out for another 10 minutes? Then continue with the "Power Legs with Booty Band".

In addition to 10-minute work-outs, you can also find full programs where you can use the resistance bands. You can find them all in our Cabau App. You can download the app in the App Store or Google Play Store. Do you want to get the most out of the app? Become a Premium member! Get new workout videos on Mondays, new healthy recipes on Fridays, a weekly schedule, blogs and much more.