Cabau Yoga Ball

“You mean that skippyball with Spongebob print from the kids?”  Of course not.. a uniquely designed stability ball to improve flexibility, balance, core strength and coordination. This stability ball is not just a hype, but has so many benefits of which we might think they are too good to be true.. Well ladies, let us tell you a secret, it’s all true!

1. Modern office

Chairs are soo 2019 right? Several studies have shown that sitting for more than 7 hours a day has many disadvantages for your blood circulation, metabolism, and your muscular system. The solution? A standing desk or... a stability ball! The two biggest advantages of a stability ball are better posture and increased metabolism. The ball ensures that your back stays straight and that you do not sink in – otherwise you will fall and we don't want that... awkward… (psst.. awkward is the new fancy).

In our office we see that our Cabau colleagues are much more active when they are sitting on the stability ball because they constantly have to keep themselves balanced and they become more aware of their posture. Great! We also burn more calories than sitting on a chair for the same amount of time. Twice as great!

2. Core training

Did you know that the best way to train your core is to be positioned in unstable surfaces? This is because your body tries to keep itself balanced by engaging muscles that are normally harder to reach during exercise.

3. Let’s train

Oh yes! There are so many fun exercises we can do with the stability ball. Join Yolanthe in a great stability ball workout in our Cabau App!