Lose weight & get fit in 28 days

Sometime we just need a little help to start blooming. The 28-Day Weight Loss Pack is specially designed for women who can use a little help. No need to worry about what to eat or what to do when you want to lose weight. We got you covered, powerwoman.

With this pack you not only get some amazing Cabau products, you also get a nutrition & workout plan for 28 days. Easily follow workouts at home with the Cabau App, which can be installed on your mobile phone. Get to know some of our bestsellers and work towards you dream body & mind! 

What's in the package?

What you will receive:

  • 28-day complete nutrition plan (worth €9.99)
  • Workout schedule for home or gym (worth €9.99)
  • Great benefit package with: Vitamin Boost, Fatburner, High Protein Meal, Shaker 700ml (worth €90.80)
  • Access to the CABAU Lifestyle App Premium Version for two months (worth €19.90)
  • 38% off - From €128.65 now for €79.95
What can you expect?

This pack will help you with:

  • Increased awareness of healthy eating and exercise, achieving weight loss
  • A fully written out food plan including shopping lists per week (also taking into account vegetarians & vegans)
  • Recipes that are easy and quick to prepare and do not contain too many ingredients
  • An easy entry-level workout schedule that you can perform at your own level in the CABAU app
  • Four challenges that create more awareness about nutrition and exercise